Curbing Anxiety-How to Do it

Many people ask themselves, "can anxiety lead to high blood pressure?" It is not true that anxiety can cause an increase in the blood pressure. It may, but this is not the case. perhaps anxiety can lead to spikes in blood pressure; however, when you are under severe stress, it will not lead to a constant high blood pressure. As we have answered the question for the most part, what measures can you take to deal with anxiety in your life and avoid the spikes in blood pressure such as when feeling nervous after eating

Dealing with it healthily is the best solution along with understanding of can high blood pressure cause anxiety. Sometimes, medicines might help greatly; however, the greatest solution is what you do about it rather than taking the meds. Therapy is a wonderful tool to use. Select an experienced therapist and make sure that you listen to them, doing any tasks they might ask you to do. A Majority of them will ask you to write a journal. This is an excellent method for you to write down your emotions and feelings on paper. It may also result in some breakthroughs in discovering where the primary stressors occur in our life and it may assist in eliminating them if you can. Think of a journal like your therapist in some ways. However, a real therapist will be of great help as they can see things which you can't.

You can use exercise as another method to curb anxiety in your life. When you exercise, your body produces a hormone referred to as serotonin. Serotonin is the arch-enemy of anxiety. It is the feel-good hormone which your brain produces. Attempt to exercise for thirty minutes each day for five days every week. You will experience a huge difference.

Exercise will also assist with your blood pressure if that is what you are worried about. Obesity is a major cause of problems with the blood pressure. As exercise burns calories, if you combine it with a healthy diet, you will see a change in your body. That change will also increase your self-esteem thus decreasing the negative emotional energy.

When trying to manage anxiety, it is critical to get help from friends and family. Most people shut up with their problems and feelings, and that is not a helpful way to deal with such. If you need help and advice, you can talk to your friend as they can be a very useful therapist. Get individuals who love and respect you around you as it will go a long way.

One more bit of advice is to purchase a dog since it will give you unconditional love so long as you treat it well. Dogs are not like people and they do not judge you or let your deepest secrets out of the bag.

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